Thursday, November 23, 2017

Christmas Heart


I hope your week is going well... 

A couple of days ago I pulled out my distress inks - Playing around helps take my mind off the sadness I'm feeling right now... Anyway I made a few Christmas cards and here's one of them

As you can see I didn't just blend the inks, I splattered and stamped and embossed

I love that no two pieces ever look the same, thing is I can never remember what colours I use anyway

Pat came to play yesterday and it was so good to see her... She's covering the Thursday Club for me once again this evening. I had their projects ready, and though I am feeling much better after the cold and infection, the leg pain is still a problem plus the GP surgery contacted me to say that the doctor wants to talk to me later this evening, I guess they have the results of my MRI scan... I'm a little anxious but staying positive...

Wishing you a wonderful day

~ Ros ~

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A few cards


Before I was called away to Lincoln last week I had 3 cards to make and post... A birthday card, an Anniversary card and one to go to my friend who has just been told that her husband has terminal cancer... Everything seemed to come at once except my inspiration so I turned to a card I saw done by the talented Laura Bassen here and these are my versions

 The anniversary card for my brother and SIL

... Using the same colours for a birthday card

And more "Laura" colours for my friend

 I hope you are all having a good start to the week and I'll catch up with you soon

~ Ros ~

Monday, November 13, 2017

An Update


 Thank you for all your lovely comments on yesterday's post ... You may have realised that it was a scheduled post with so much going on right now

I'm so sad to say that my much adored Aunt passed away on Saturday afternoon....

I hadn't imagined that I would ever get there, the 4 hour journey alone being so difficult and on top of that I have a respiratory infection and hospitals don't like you coming to visit in that condition.
But with the help of my lovely husband and the hospital staff moving her to a private room, I did make it.... 
Reluctantly, I knew it was time let her go and I knew she was waiting for me to tell her that it was ok. Within a few hours of my arrival, she drifted peacefully away....

I'm so grateful for the care given by the doctors and nursing staff who rang me every single day and evening... And I will be eternally in the debt of 2 very special young women, friends of my Aunt and who, despite having their own families and jobs to go to, worked out a system to be at her side day and night for 3 days ... How does one repay such a kindness?

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and your prayers.. It really does mean a lot

~ Ros ~


Sunday, November 12, 2017

AAA Cards Guest Designer

Good Morning

I'm absolutely delighted to be Guest Designing over at AAA Cards today!

The challenge theme is Celebrate

That's a pretty colourful graphic huh? I pulled out various distress inks to make a background using the 'credit card' technique which I then stamped and die cut for my card

I think I got most of those colours, though you don't have to as long as you follow the rules for CAS up on the Blog and the theme for the challenge

Do my flowers look like they are dancing? Lol!

The team have some wonderful insiration for you up on the Blog - Click the link to go see.
I hope you'll be inspired to ink up your CAS celebration cards.

Many thanks to the lovely ladies for having me along with them for this challenge.

Have a great day

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Christmas Tree

Good morning... 
It's a lovely cold but sunny day today, there are leaves fallen everywhere but the fall colours still look pretty...

Here's another card...

With a tree cut from one of my tissue technique backgrounds

It's very simple and I used some frame dies - one to cut and one to dry emboss

I've spent a fair bit of time preparing things for the club and even done some crocheting - One of the girls at the church asked me to make some dolls for her...

Thank you all so much for your kind wishes for my Aunt, she was taken back into hospital last night so it isn't looking good - I'll keep you posted

Enjoy your day

~ Ros ~

Friday, November 03, 2017

Playing when I can

Hello and happy November!
Ok, I know it's 3 days into the month...It's certainly cooler here and we've had some frosty mornings.

So Pat came around on Wednesday and I gave her some tissue paper to play with along with distress inks... She made some really pretty cards and unfortuantely I only had some lilac paper left to play with myself but I did make a couple of Holiday cards, one of which I'm sharing today

 I die cut the circles shape and popped out the white ones to fill them in with some more die cut circles done both with the tissue paper technique (embossed in silver) and some done with the "swiping your credit card" technique

The little tree was also cut from one of the tissue paper technique pieces 

Honestly I had no clue where this was going when I started but I kind of like it, what do you think?

Before I go I just wanted to let you know that as I was getting nowhere with my therapy or GP, I changed to another practice last week and saw a new GP. She was really good and is arranging for me to have an MRI scan to see what is going on. I still struggle to sit for any length of time and it resricts me so much. My sweet Aunt is now quite ill and I can't travel to be with her which uspsets me greatly. So I'm crafting when I can and keeping positive...

Thanks so much for your concern ... Enjoy your day

~ Ros ~

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Elastic Band Technique

Hello there...

It's a beautiful autumnal day here and DH is having his friend come over to watch the football match on TV  this afternoon. I have trouble sitting but standing is fine so I did some baking for them... A caramel apple cake and some fruit scones with whipped cream...That should keep them happy!

I have a couple of cards to share with you too... I tried a new to me technique of wrapping rubber bands around a brayer to emboss with...

I used up left over bits and pieces to make both cards ... Sponged BG pieces and odd die cuts

As you can see, this one was embossed with a gold/silver mix of embossing powder whereas with the second card I used white embossing powder

I actually rescued that flower out of the bin Lol!

 It's a neat technique and can really transform a BG whether it be one you've made or maybe a piece of DP that you're not that keen on. I discovered that you can get a similar effect by wrapping rubber band around your acyrlic block too.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday, and thanks for stopping by

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Tuesday, October 24, 2017



I've had a couple of good days and yesterday I got a few projects done for the Thursdays Club, however, today was a different story...
Fortunately I was seeing the therapist this morning for more manipulation and acupuncture... The news I got was not what I was expecting and kind of set me back... I felt sorry for myself for a whole 2 hours Lol! But I'm a fighter and determined not to give in, so here I am with another card which I thought would fit the bill at both 


I started by stamping and embossing the centre panel of my cardstock and then made some leaves by smooshing various distress inks onto white cardstock before die cutting them

I added some dry embossing for a little bit of interest using some frame dies and then smooched my die cut sentiment in Versamark and embossed it.

I absolutely adore fall colours and wish the season lasted longer. Well, at least I can capture it in a card. 

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Monday, October 23, 2017

Wishes can come true...

Hello and Happy Monday!

I'm so happy to tell you that the cat I wrote about in my last post has been adopted!
Oh my, the couple who came to see her (friends of a friend)  fell in love with her instantly. In fact I have to say that I have never seen a man more besotted with a cat than I did on Saturday morning.
I've had a few reports to say that she has settled in with them and from what I can gather is being totally spolit! It was bittersweet to let her go but I am beyond relieved and Tabby cat has now reclaimed his cosy outdoor house

So today's card is a simple sponged BG with a stamped and embossed image

If you are wondering how I made the 'moon' well,  you just simply dampen a sponge applicator and gentle swirl it to remove some of the distress ink ...

Wishes can come true and for now at least, peace has resumed here...

Have a wonderful day

~ Ros ~

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Top Cat

Good morning!

Strange title huh? Well, I'll share today's card first then I'll explain as I go

Early in the year we had another cat descend upon us, maybe I mentioned her at the time. No matter how we tried to deter her she would not leave. She took over the little cosy home we had outside for Tabby cat and bullied every cat that came to visit, including my own cats. Now my Ginger boy is the most laid back cat ever and even he was scared by her! That has really given me a headache I can tell you.

We tried everything... Had her scanned for a chip, paper collared her and she was shared over Facebook by tons of people. Even posters were put up everywhere in the hope someone would know where she came from. None of the homes would take her as they were completely unindated with kittens and so here she remained. The thing is, she is so affectionate with me and longs to be cuddled all the time - She wants to be Top Cat!

But right at this moment, someone is travelling over to see her with the prospect of giving her a home ... Eeek! I am so excited - Winter is coming and it will break my heart to see her out in the cold so I'm praying that they will like her and that she will like them too. Normally she doesn't come in the house but Ginger has given up his basket to her this morning in the hope that he will get his home and garden back Lol!

I'll let you know how it goes... Keep your fingers crossed please...

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Blue Flowers

Hello there... I hope you are all well?

It's been a while and boy do I miss not being able to spend time on the computer and sit at my craft table. I've done a lot of baking lately as that doesn't require sitting and relieves the boredom but
I am able to sit for a little longer at a time now so I took advantage of that when Pat came over yesterday... We pulled out some unused stamp sets and played about and I managed to make a couple of cards...

Whilst I have a few ink pads, not many of them are co-ordinating ones and many are years old, so I stuck with a few blues that still are usable 

Whilst the first card was done using the misti, this next one wasn't so the stamping is not as good but it's all about handmade right?

... and I'm sure the recipient won't mind

 Both cards will be on their way to sweet blog friends...

Wishing you all a wondeful day

~ Ros ~


Friday, October 13, 2017

Thinking of you...


Well the glitter was still out so here's another little card

...Using up one of the many sponged, painted and splattered pieces I've created and have sitting in a box...

Glitter isn't the easiest thing to photograph huh?

I managed to get to the club class last night and had pre-prepared projects for everyone - It was noisy and very busy!
My appointent for the clinic was a painful one... Anyone who has ever had to endure their muscles pummelled will understand. Lol! The muscles are compressing the nerves in my leg but I'm hopefull 
that things will improve. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and wishes, it means a lot.

Well, on with the exercises... 

Have a great day!

~Ros ~

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

This, That and Felicity's Birthday

Hello there...

A special little girl celebrates her first birthday shortly... My DH's Granddaughter Felicity
I can't believe how fast the time has gone!

Her parents are having a little party for her on Sunday in Derbyshire and though we have been invited,  I am unable to travel and DH refuses to go without me so we'll catch up with them another time.... Between you and me I'm happy I'm not going - It was Grandparents Day here a week ago and once again my hubby didn't get a single card from any of his 4 grandchildren... I know it hurts him and it makes me so mad!

Anyway, here's the card I've made for Felicity

Ink blending, stamping, masking and lots of glitter...

I cut out her name using the Cameo and stamped the polar bear (Yeah, I know he's a Christmas bear but I like him) before I removed the letters then put some double sided tape on the back and individually glittered each letter... I also used a die to cut out the balloons and glittered them too...Heck I'll be cleaning up glitter for the next few weeks! 

The little butterfly was from anther stamp set I got online - I love to mix and match

On another note, I went to my back appointment on Friday and had some acupuncture and manipulation which 'popped' something in my back and at least relieved the pain in my groin... I felt much better though it was still painful to sit ... Then when I woke on Saturday I was in so much pain down my leg I wanted to scream. DH was beside himself because nothing relieved the pain all day and night... Thankfully it has subsided to allow me less discomfort. I am due back there tomorrow for neurology testing and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that on Thursday I won't be screaming. I know it's going to be a long process but if it works and I can be 'normal' again after 9 months of struggling, well it will be worth it.

Finally I just want to thank the team at AAA Cards for awarding my card 1st place in their Autumn Colours challenge... That was something to smile about!

Ok... I have to move now so I'll wish you all a lovely day/evening

Take care

~ Ros ~

Friday, October 06, 2017

Another Birthday

Hello there...

It's Pat's birthday today and unfortunately I didn't get to spend time with her as I had planned on Wednesday ... I just wasn't well enough.
I'm feeling better but still struggling with a nerve trapped in my groin, so this afternoon I have an appointment with someone who maybe able to help me... Fingers crossed.
Pat did come by yesterday evening to check on me and to collect her card and gifts so I can share her card today and one of the gifts I gave her...

Another die that I hadn't used was this dragonfly frame... It's a bit of a 'busy' card for me but my excuse is that I haven't been feeling well and my mojo took a hit Lol!

I also made her a little teddy too... 

After all, she's followed my journey in this hobby 

I know she will love this, she already has a bunny I made...

That's it for now... Have a lovely day 

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Snuggle Buddy

Hello there...

I thought I'd just share the little snuggle buddy I made for my friend who is recovering from a mini stroke

He's all dressed for bed and looking forward to his new home ...

I hope she likes him ... We are never too old to enjoy a teddy bear.

That's all I have for now... I'm not feeling so good but Pat is coming over and she's bound to make me feel better...

Have a great day

~ Ros ~
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